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One of the most popular companies in India that specialises in career, international study, and Australia-Canada Permanent Resident Visas is Laflyer Immigration Consultancy. Our headquarters are in Calicut, Kerala, and we serve our great clients all around the world by providing consulting services.

In addition the company provides a web counseling services to students around the India who do not have easy access to any of our offices. We provide complete information on reputed education Universities / Institutes and Specialized colleges.

Our Special Services

Take your NCLEX preparation course with the best NCLEX coaching centre in Calicut.
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Enhance your English Language Skill !

nclex preparation classes


Helps Applicant to Hone their career.

best nclex preparation classes


Simplify Immigration and education Process

leading nclex preparation classes


Accepting NCLEX for Admissions purposes  and  other

Leading NCLEX Academy in Calicut

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Get Best NCLEX Coaching

The NCLEX test assesses students in four areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Interestingly, the test doesn't have a pass or fail system. You will be ranked on a scale from 0 to 9, 9 being an expert user in English. Depending on the reason for you taking the test (career, living in a foreign country, studying), you will need a certain score.
This means that you won't just need to take the test and hope for the best, you'll also need to prepare for it as well. With our NCLEX Academy, you will be given the capabilities and knowledge needed to assist you succeed.

Why NCLEX is important ?

¦   Enhance your English Language Skill    ¦    Strengthen your career and Education    ¦    Open new doors for students who wish to go abroad.    ¦    NCLEX is accepted by most of the professional organizations.    ¦    NCLEX is accepted by most of the countries    ¦    best Living in Fast growing and industrialized economy    ¦    Best Career Path After NCLEX.

The Provisions we are assuring

UAE Visit Visa consultancy

Education Support

We are Providing Overseas Education Services

UAE Visit Visa in 24 hours

Free Counseling

We Providing Free Counseling Service for All Immigrations.

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IELTS Coaching

WE Provides IELTS Coaching by Our own Education Institute

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24Hrs Assistance

Offers you 24Hrs Assistance and Inquiry Services.

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We are work on your files and contract with Legal formalities.

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Paper Works

We Help to Clear all Paper Works and Visa Execution

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leading nclex preparation course

Language Test

We offer Language Courses like IELTS, OET, PTE, Duolingo, CBT, Nclex, Bls and Acls, Toefl, GRE, etc with Hi-Standard Coaching

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24 x 7 Support Desk

Our dedicated staffs are ready to help you with quality care services at 24x7 Hrs !

best nclex coaching near me

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We are proceeding with updated Information from the embassy and Universities

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